Careline All in One Primer
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The new All-in-One Primer smoothens and fuses the entire facial canvas, giving skin a velvety appearance, while maintaining the perfect look of your makeup…
even during those hot and moist summery days.

The All-in-One Primer gives your facial skin a polished, uniform texture: it smoothens, refines and fills-in fine lines, it reduces open pores and blemishes, while creating an ultra-sleek and silky canvas, priming and prepping your skin as the base for a perfect makeup look.

The gentle Primer formula is designed for the delicate eye and the lip area, without causing irritation. The Primer All-in-One is lightweight and invisible, gliding on easily with a velvety sensation.

The formula is enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants - to prevent oxidative damage - and natural oils that moisturize and soothe the skin, creating a comfortable feeling for many hours.

After nourishing your skin with moisturizer, apply a small amount of the Primer all over your face, your eyelids and lips. Use your fingertips to smoothen out.

Primer for the face: to be used instead or after applying moisturizer (depending on the skin type) and as the basis for foundation.

Settles on the skin in seconds, leaving the complexion smooth and silky, ready for makeup application.

Primer for the eyelids: to be used on the eyelids, prior to applying eyeshadow.

Ideal for mature skin, prevents the accumulation of eyeshadow in the creases of the eye and provides long-standing durability for all types of eye makeup.

Tip: apply the Primer only after moisturizer or eye cream are completely absorbed into the skin.

Primer for the lips: apply on clean lips as the basis for lipstick application.

Provides long-standing durability and prevents running of the lipstick into lines and creases around the mouth area.

The Primer can be reapplied throughout the day before each lipstick application.

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Careline All in One Primer

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