Careline Anti Gravity Face & Neck Remodeling Day Cream SPF 15
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* Slows down the natural sagging process of the skin around the jawline * Enhances skin suppleness and elasticity * Reduces the depth of expression lines * Provides UV protection * Facial skin and neck area look tighter and firmer*

Careline’s Anti-Gravity Remodeling Day Cream contains an innovative complex that combines two active ingredients that preserve the firmness of the facial skin and neck area:

Progeline™ , also known as the “firming peptide”, is an innovative peptide that prevents loose skin around the jaw line, while firming it and diminishing wrinkles.

Adipofill’in™ is an herbal amino acid that helps maintain fatty tissue volume in the face, while reducing nasogenian folds.

Visible Results Following Daily Use of the Day Cream:

  • Significant reduction in wrinkle depth *
  • Improvement of the jaw line **
  • A decrease in skin roughness *
  • Skin feels firmer **

* Clinically tested on 20 women. Results were obtained after a 30-day period.
* Clinically tested on 23 women. Applied twice daily: morning and evening, for a period of 28 days.


Hypoallergenic * paraben-free * dermatologist tested * not tested on animals


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Careline Anti Gravity Face & Neck Remodeling Day Cream SPF 15

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