Careline Anti Gravity Remodeling Serum
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Serum used as a basis for your day or nighttime cream * Slows down the natural sagging process of the skin around the jawline * Enhances skin suppleness and elasticity * Reduces the depth of expression lines * Provides UV protection * Facial skin and neck area look tighter and firmer.

Careline’s Anti-Gravity Remodeling Serum is the perfect base for any skincare routine.

The serum contains an innovative complex that combines two active ingredients that preserve the firmness of the facial skin and neck area:

Progeline™ , also known as the “firming peptide”, is an innovative peptide that prevents loose skin around the jaw line, while firming it and diminishing wrinkles.

Adipofill’in™ is an herbal amino acid that helps maintain fatty tissue volume in the face, while reducing nasogenian folds.

Visible Results Following Daily Use of the Serum:Price200

  • Significant reduction in wrinkle depth *
  • Improvement of the jaw line **
  • A decrease in skin roughness *
  • Skin feels firmer **

* Clinically tested on 20 women. Results were obtained after a 30-day period.
* Clinically tested on 23 women. Applied twice daily: morning and evening, for a period of 28 days.

Hypoallergenic * paraben-free * dermatologist tested * not tested on animals

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Careline Anti Gravity Remodeling Serum

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