Careline Bio Genic Active Cell Protection, Day Cream, SPF15
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Your face looks good. But signs of time don't wait to show. Chiefly responsible for this process is the cell nucleus, caring for skin's appearance and youthfulness. Therefore, the cell nucleus has to be protected from external damage so it can function to the best of its abilities.

BIO-GENIC, a ground-breaking series that was developed by the Careline beauty laboratories of Perrigo Pharmaceuticals, is based on Helioguard®. This unique ingredient, produced from red algae rich in amino acids, protect the skin from elements that cause aging and wrinkles such as: Dryness, climate, and air pollution.

The Results:

  • Protects the skin and delays aging.
  • Encourages skin to function to the best of its abilities.
  • Accelerates skin renewal for fresher, newer skin.
  • Delays wrinkles and skin aging.

The mild cream provides the skin with an immediate silky feel.

Active Ingredients:

  • Helioguard® Amino acids produced by unique red algae. The amino acids regulate the skin's natural moisture levels.
  • Vitamin E: Prevents oxidization and fights free radicals that accelerate skin aging.
  • Pro-Vitamin B5: Nourishes and smoothes the skin.
  • SPF15: Blocks out over 90% of UVA rays as per Australian Standards.

The secret of the Red Algae is the place in which it grows. Exposed to copious amounts of sunlight, it develops biological protection systems that prevent time and environmental damages. We have enlisted this trait to benefit of your face. The Helioguard®, which is rich in nourishing amino acids, is extracted from the unique red algae, which supplies an active and effective envelop to the skin, allowing it to function.

Directions: Clean your skin well and whilst it is still damp, smooth on the lotion, lightly patting your face, neck and exposed areas.

Test Results after 4 weeks:

  • Skin is vitalized and toned 83%.
  • Skin is smoother and more supple 89%.

* the percentage of women reporting improvement to skin appearance: approx. 63 testees.

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Careline Bio Genic Active Cell Protection, Day Cream, SPF15

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