Careline Conditioner for Color Treated and Damaged Hair 700ml.
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Color Reviving Conditioner

Contains sun filter

Contains an active vitamin complex for hair that is full of life


Careline's Conditioner for Colored and Damaged Hair, with the revolutionary Vital 10 Complex formulation, contains active vitamins rich in moisturizing and nourishing components. The moisturizers penetrate hair that has been colored, nourishes it and giving it the soft glow and shine that might have been lost during coloring. The filter prevents the color fading due to exposure to the sun.

Your hair will be revitalized.


The Vital 10 Complex provides:

  • · Nourishing moisture for natural balance to the scalp and hair
  • · Vitamins to help rehabilitate hair that has been colored and damaged
  • · Protection of the color during exposure to the sun
  • · Prevents frizz

Not tested on Animals.



Directions: After shampooing, massage into damp hair using your fingers.

Wait 2-3 minutes and then rinse well.

  • Item #: 1070253
  • Manufacturer: Careline
  • Condition: New

Careline Conditioner for Color Treated and Damaged Hair 700ml.

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