Careline Eye Liner Automatic Pencils
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Careline’s contouring eye pencils – white, bright yet colorful and bold – allow you to control each line and color.

The new look of the contouring eye pencils allows you to distinguish between the white body of the pencil and its colored tip, and therefore choose the contour that best suits you in every lighting condition.

Beyond an attractive and alluring look – the wide range of the contouring eye pencils allow you to enhance and enliven your eyes in chic and trendy colors, at the level of thickness you choose that is super long lasting.

The innovative formula contains intense pigments and other high-quality ingredients that do not cause irritation and that are exceptionally durable.

  • Item #: Eyelinerpencilauto
  • Manufacturer: Careline
  • Condition: New

Careline Eye Liner Automatic Pencils

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