Careline Oil Free Gift Set
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An exclusive skincare line for oily, problematic and acne-prone skin

The Oil Free skincare line of the Careline Beauty Laboratories was exclusively developed to treat and balance problematic skin that is excessively oily and acne-prone.

This line is tailored especially for women experiencing hormonal changes that lead to frequent outbreaks of acne and excessive oil production in the skin of the face, the back and the arms.

“Oil Free” is based on Multi Action Formula® technology, which combines active ingredients for the targeted treatment of all phenomena related to oily and problematic skin: frequent acne outbreaks, redness and shiny, oily skin.

Some of the active ingredients include:

  • Salicylic acid – Beta hydroxy acid, generated from natural sources.
    This acid facilitates the removal of dead skin cells that block the opening of pores and create both a fatty “stopper” and blackheads (open comedones). It accelerates skin cell regeneration and purifies skin pores. 
    Its effect on the dermis and epidermis is similar to the effects of Retin-A on the skin, without causing irritation. 
    The ability of the acid to dissolve in oil makes it effective in cleaning excess oil that builds up in follicle openings, hence preventing infections. 
    The acid has anti-bacterial qualities which make it perfect for treating sensitive skin as well.
  • Azelaic acid– regulates the skin’s oil secretion. Has anti-bacterial qualities that reduce redness of the skin (common in oily and problematic skin) and prevents skin irritation. 
    Vitamin E and moisturizing ingredients – prevent dryness and balance the skin’s activity without leaving an oily sensation or causing skin shine.
  • Soothing ingredients – such as Allantoin, witch-hazel (Hamamelis), Chamomile and Bisabolol that act as antiseptics and prevent the outbreak of infections, redness and irritating sensations on the skin.

Each of the Oil Free products is lightly textured, making skin feel pleasant and fresh, while most of them also prevent skin shine for long hours. When used daily, a significant improvement is evident: oil secretion is balanced, acne is reduced and skin looks healthy, smooth and Pleasant to the touch.

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Careline Oil Free Gift Set

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