Careline Pretty You GREEN Deodorant Spray
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Pretty You Green – New! A new light fragrance that convey freshness, energy, joy and fun. Ideal for romance, flirtatious and mischievous moments, for the young and young at heart. Comes in 4 light, invigorating and feminine floral aromas: white, rose, purple and green. A new contemporary and sensual fragrance with fresh green notes blended with oriental flowers and an aroma that conveys optimism, verve and energy. With unique green chords that radiates cool sensuality and is especially suitable for hot summer days. A young perfume for women who want to remain cool and feminine all day long. Top notes: green apple, grapefruit and cucumber (the scent is released with the first spray. Contains tiny fragrance molecules that dissipate rapidly. These represent the product’s main fragrance and it’s important to try the perfume at a point of sale). Middle notes: magnolia, violet and Indian rose (the product’s core fragrances, the “heart” that defines the perfume family. Lasts for about two hours until they merge with the bottom notes). Bottom notes: vanilla, musk and white amber (the perfume’s essence – the scent that remains on the body over time and gives the wearer his personal signature. This is the scent that others identify as “…her scent”. Composed of deep base chords and include classics such as vanilla, musk, amber and tobacco and tree scents). Products in the Pretty You Green Series: EdT 100 ml – 10%-15% scent extracts Deodorant Spray 175 ml

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Careline Pretty You GREEN Deodorant Spray

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