Careline Skinny Bold Mascara
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Skinny Bold Mascara

With the Lengthening and Curling Screw Brush

  • The sophisticatedly engineered screw-shaped brush both lengthens and curls lashes in one stroke.
  • The brush’s narrow and grooved structure wraps around and envelopes the lashes while the mascara is being applied to created long and curly lashes.
  • The mascara’s hypoallergenic formula contains pure black pigments, which create a deep, charcoal hue.
  • The brush’s unique structure picks up enough mascara to cover lashes uniformly in one stroke. The brush separates, lengthens and curls the lashes, creating a dramatic look.
  • The mascara is made up of silicone components, providing the lashes with flexibility and a lengthening effect, integrated with a plant-based polymer allowing smooth and easy application.


  • Paraben free
  • Fragrance and talc free
  • Not tested on animals – no animal ingredients
  • Brush protected by registered design
  • Item #: 1235114
  • Manufacturer: Careline
  • Condition: New

Careline Skinny Bold Mascara

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