Energic Q10 Bio-Energic Day Moisturizer, SPF15, Norm/Combination
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With the years the skin on your face changes. It becomes more vulnerable to external and internal harm: air pollution, stress, sun, etc. Careline's scientific division has developed for you a new line specifically for the treatment of early signs of age. The ENERGIC line is based on a combination of a bio-energic complex of natural anti-oxidants, combined with Q10 for the promotion of new skin cells and a bio-energy complex (ATP) to protect your skin against free radicals, to significantly assist in smoothing your skin. The ENERGIC Bio-Energy Moisturizing Lotion is delicately light to deeply penetrate your skin, enriching it with moisture. Results: *Delays the onset of wrinkle production to improve skin appearance and texture. *Significantly assists in smoothing the skin. *Strengthens cell membranes and the skin's resistance to damaging environmental influences. *Nourishes the skin with moisture and restores its velvety glow. *Protects your skin from harmful sun rays with SPF-15 and blocks out more than 90% UVA rays according to Australian Standards. Active Ingredients: CO-ENZYME Q10: accelerates new skin cell production, enabling vital ingredients to effectively work for the prevention of wrinkles. Bio-Energy Complex: Increases skin moisturization, reducing the number and length of fine lines, improving the skin's ability to overcome the effects of environmental influences. Vitamin E: Prevents oxidation and fights against free radicals which cause skin aging. A light and delicate lotion which is rapidly absorbed. Hypoallergenic.

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Energic Q10 Bio-Energic Day Moisturizer, SPF15, Norm/Combination

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