Marvell L'Orchid Noir Perfume
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L'ORCHID NOIR Eau de Perfume

L'orchid Noir, e.d perfume natural spray.

Prestigious perfume for women, L'ORCHID NOIR, the black orchid, designed by inspiration of the orchid flower which mainly characterizes the East Asian culture and is currently conquering the entire globe with its beauty.
The scent:
Much like the flower's scent, the perfume's scent is gentle, pleasant, refreshing and long lasting.
The new perfume is based on unique floral ingredients including:

Tope Note: yelang yelang, blackberries and hyacinth.

Middle Note: peach, rose and jasmine.

Base Note: pine, Livne tree, vanilla bulbs.

L'ORCHID NOIR the bottle and packaging:
The perfume bottle is designed in a clean, prestigious and elegant fashion. The perfume package is colored in a soft night color and imprinted with a black orchid flower. On the perfume bottle and the package, the perfume name L'ORCHID NOIR is imprinted in golden lettering.


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Marvell L'Orchid Noir Perfume

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