Marvell Love Forever Perfume 60ml
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Marvel cosmetics" launches a new perfume for women Love is Forever, A Perfume inspired by the same girl, ensuring the eternal love friend first ... This is love never forgotten, love luxurious aroma, that our memories forever. Bouquet of youth, innocence and evening glow, factors to form the strong feeling that we all understand the love forever Delicious Love is Forever "was opened at the top initial contact by obscuring the mandarin oranges, raspberry sweet.
Romantic floral wraps the character heart, revamped freshness of orange blossom, Orchid and, while the base character strokes you long highly sensual  sweet of raspberry, Masque, amber and sugar with the aroma of pines .Packaging decorated with red flowers each other, in a sweet and romantic emotions. Pink ribbons and flowers red complement the soft appearance. A bottle of perfume is characterized by the classic look and giving the sense of "Love Forever"-

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  • Manufacturer: Marvell Cosmetics
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Marvell Love Forever Perfume 60ml

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