Oil Free Transparent Drying Gel, 15ml
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  • Dries skin blemishes.
  • A concentrated and effective product that is rapidly absorbed.
  • Transparent for day use.
  • Can be used underneath make-up.

 The Solution For healthy glowing skin

Active Ingredients:

Salicylic Acid – Known for its effectiveness against skin blemishes

Beta Hydroxy Acid – Removes dead cells that may clog pores

30% alcohol – For drying

Camphor – To increase product effectiveness

Chamomile and Allantoin – Vegetal components known for calming skin

Glycerin and Propylene Glycol – To enrich your skin with moisture


Thoroughly cleanse your face using Careline's Oil Free Face Wash and Toner. Avoid touching the nozzle.  Place a small amount of gel on a clean finger or a cotton bud and smear over the blemish. It is important to maintain cleanliness throughout the process.  Make-up can be applied after the gel has been absorbed.






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Oil Free Transparent Drying Gel, 15ml

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