Revival 55+ Re-Forming Eye Cream 30ml
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Revival 55+

 Eye Cream firms and strengthens skin tissues and fibers

 With the years your skin is exposed to climatic damages and is influenced by hormonal changes. Collagen fibers are weakened, mineral levels are diminished, and the skin becomes weak, thin and fragile.

 Revival 55+

From the Careline laboratories is based on a unique scientific patent; the PDS conducting method that assists active ingredients in creams to penetrate deeply and effectively into the skin. For treatment of mature and sagging skin.

 Eye Cream

Contains a mineral complex enriched with a high concentration of active ingredients to strengthen delicate and thin skin texture and blur existing wrinkles. It assists in reducing the dark circles and strengthening the skin around the eyes.


On clean, damp skin, gently pat in the eye cream, starting at the outer edges in.

 Essential Mineral Complex:

Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium restore to the skin the minerals that have been lost

 Soy Isoflavon: Imitates the female hormone estrogen for skin firming and elasticity

 Hyaluronic Acid: Locks the moisture in the skin

Collagen: Strengthens the fibers that connect the cells and provides skin with a tighter look

 Alina: A unique Israeli ingredient that contains omega 3 and omega 6, to protect the cell against damage from the Israeli sun

 Regu Age, Haloxyl: Reduces dark circles and strengthens the skin around the eyes

Israeli Innovation Inside

Careline is obligated to technological innovation uniquely suited to the Israeli woman, as implemented in this product:

PDS® - Positive Delivery System

A unique conducting technology for optimal penetration of active ingredients deep into the cell*

Alina, a unique Israeli ingredient that combines omega 3 and omega 6 to protect the cell against the Israeli sun

Tested and proven effective on a group of 82 Israeli volunteers



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Revival 55+ Re-Forming Eye Cream 30ml

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