Shuki Zikri Heat Proof Hair Cream, Smoother hair 250ml
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My secrets.  Your beauty.

 Heat-Proof Hair Smoother


Hair straightening cream for use with heat styling implements



  • Protects against heat damage
  • Fortifies the style
  • For use with hair dryers


"Heat styling, whilst letting you style your hair as you wish, will still cause your hair to break and dry out, damaging its shine. The solution is hair styling products that protect your hair against heat damage. These products do not scorch your hair when used for heat styling and leave your hair with long-lasting shine" – Shuki Zikri


Extra Hot is a new line developed by Shuki Zikri, one of the world's elite hair stylists, and a dictator of hair styles internationally. The products contain Shuki Zikri's unique KAI complex: KERAVIS, a plant protein that treats, moisturizes and nourishes the hair; ARNICA Extract to naturally calm the scalp; PANTHENOL that penetrates and nourishes the hair from its roots to its ends; IVY to improve hair appearance; and a revolutionary new ingredients that prevents the hair from over-heating and drying out from heating equipment.



 This hair straightening cream is specifically for use prior to using a hair dryer or tongs.  It will protect your hair from heat damage and fortify the style.

  • The hair is protected from scorching and breakage
  • The style "holds" better
  • The shine is long-lasting

Shiny, lustrous and glorious hair




On damp hair.  Comb your hair with straightening movements, avoiding the roots. Smooth and comb your hair whilst using the hair dryer or tongs. If you choose to only use a hair dryer, repeat the action using a round brush. Your hair will be smooth, silky and shiny without any heat damage.

 Not tested on Animals

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  • Manufacturer: Shuki Zikri
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Shuki Zikri Heat Proof Hair Cream, Smoother hair 250ml

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