Shuki Zikri Shampoo Flexi Curls 400ml
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Shuki Zikri, one of the leading professional hair stylists, continuous to offer you the solution to your hair care needs. His professional expertise and know-how on everyday trends has deeply penetrated and left a mark on the premium hair styling salons.

 Shampoo Loops flexicurls has been uniquely formulated to nurture and style curly hair. With daily use the active ingredients, when absorbed by the hair, penetrate and fortify hair roots, nurtures and enhances natural curls. Hair gains flexibility, more soft and has a healthy appearance.

For the first time a professional hair stylist (Shuki Zikri) brings home to you his 'professional secrets' – to reflect 'your beauty'… to treat, nurture and style your hair type – as if you have just stepped out of my salon… "

                                                                                                                                                Shuki Zikri


The problem: Dry hair, looses flexibility

The solution: Daily use of Shuki Zikri Shampoo flexicurls

  • Richly moisturizes
  • Restores flexibility
  • Captivating natural bouncy curls
  • Soft to the touch

Active Ingredients uniquely combined to formulate Shuki Zikri KAI COMPLEX.

  • KERAVIS  a plant protein to treat and nourish the hair
  • ARNICA natural extract to soothe dry scalp
  • PANTHENOL  to nourish hair roots
  • IVY to treat and maintain hair texture and appearance
  • Recommended to use only for curly/wavy hair


Directions:  Shampoo well to a rich foam. Massage in and on scalp, wait for 2 minutes then rinse thoroughly. For ultimate results use Conditioner Loops flexicurls. Highly recommended to generously condition the hair in summer.

not tested on animals


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Shuki Zikri Shampoo Flexi Curls 400ml

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