Shuki Zikri Vivid Hair Mask to Revive Colored hair, 400ml Jar
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Hair mask for tinted, bleached hair protection mask, color revive with KAI complex

Shuki Zikri, one of the leading professional hair stylists, combines his expertise and know-how on everyday trends to bring home to you an innovative and professional line of hair treat products.


Shuki Zikri states: " This revolutionary complex was developed based on my deep knowledge and experience acquired during the years. Protection mask, color revive  vividhair uniquely formulated for weekly use with active ingredients when absorbed by the hair penetrate and fortify hair roots and protect color fade. Restores flexibility and softness, richly moisturizes, nurtures and restores a radiant color.  This professional range of hair treat products provides the solution to your every day hair care needs.


For the first time a professional hair stylist (Shuki Zikri) brings home to you his 'professional secrets' – to reflect 'your beauty'…

to treat, nurture and style your hair type – as if you have just stepped out of my salon… "

                                                                                                                                                Shuki Zikri


The problem: Very dry, faded hair color

The solution:  Weekly use of Shuki Zikri vividhair mask to protect and revive hair color


  • Revitalized hair color
  • Restores shine
  • Soft to the touch
  • Preserves color duration

Results: Preserves healthy hair


Active Ingredients uniquely combined to formulate Shuki Zikri KAI COMPLEX.

  • KERAVIS  a plant protein to treat and nourish the hair
  • ARNICA natural extract to soothe dry scalp
  • PANTHENOL  to nourish hair roots
  • IVY to treat and maintain hair texture and appearance


Directions:  After shampooing the hair, do not use conditioner. Spread the desired amount of  vividhair mask all over the hair and on scalp. Gather the hair, wrap a towel around it and wait for 5 minutes. Then rinse off. Recommended to use more than once a week for very dry hair to preserve a healthy look. To complement the results use amazinghair moisturizing cream to provide moisture, more shine and glow.


not tested on animals



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Shuki Zikri Vivid Hair Mask to Revive Colored hair, 400ml Jar

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